In The Studio

Creativity flows, engulfing me in an exquisite tempo of inventiveness, pushing me forward to produce a version of my vision. In a flight of imagination, my arms start moving with eagerness following through in complete awareness of my mission. Impressions left acutely on the canvas start blending together to present my concept. Fully submerged in the process, deep in concentration, my breathing is even as I attend to the varying needs of each composition. Time goes by unnoticed as another day of artistry comes to an end leaving me flushed with satisfaction.

My Secret Dalliance

After much anticipation there we were, finally alone. Before I proceeded to undress the object of my affection, I tenderly looked at it standing there leaning against the wall wanting me to approach. With a gentle tug I managed to undo the plastic wrap from the top and then using both hands strip down the wrapping simultaneously on either side. Finally freed from its covering the perfect glow of fresh white canvas is quite intoxicating. Totally engulfed with excitement, I pick up the canvas, my arms lifting it up in the air so I can slowly lay it down on the table. At this point I don't know where to start…. but the latin rhythm playing in the background sways me to make a move. With trembling hands, I gently stroke the canvas causing a blush to appear and inevitably lose myself in the process.