The debut: my adventure in conquering painting.


Conquering the fear that I would be the only person in the class going home with a stick figure painting in an abstract painting workshop.

Note: no previous art experience since kindergarden.


Thought I would need to get myself a stick of wood with hair sticking out at one end.

Note: in reality not necessary as we paint with rollers. Discovered this interesting twist when I looked at the supply list for class and realized my pre-conceived idea of art may not be quite what I thought it was.

Now intrigued.


Finally the big day!

In class watching Sam demonstrate the procedure. Looks good.

Now, my turn.

Pick colours.

Start rolling.

Step back, glimpse.


Rare occurrence, I am speechless.

As I look down, it is overwhelming love and swelling pride that I feel, just like looking at your baby’s face for the first time.

I created this!

For a moment I am suspended in time, floating about and experiencing a flood of emotions.

Until: in the background I hear the sound of plastic wrap being torn off a fresh canvas and realize that some of my classmates are already on their second canvas.


In slow motion, I yell out “Wait for me” as I make my descent back to earth.

At this time I am very aware that I do not want to miss the opportunity to do it all over again.

Note: Could this be addictive?


An extremely satisfying first day of painting, including the purchase of one more canvas at lunchtime and two more at the break. With a big smile on my face and head held high, I am ready to go home.

Suddenly I am stopped in my tracks, as I realize I may not have enough space in my car to bring home my five precious paintings.

Note: Need new car.