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In Fall 2008, I took a course on agent communication - Robots! I wrote a course paper Agent Communication, Social Commitment Theory and Polycategories. (8 pages, pdf)

In Fall 2007, I took a course on compilers, code generation and optimization. I gave a presentation on Typed Assembly Language. (27 slides, pdf)

My most recent theory course was CPSC701.04, Proof theory and Linear Logic. Lecture notes for part 1, linear logic, linearly distributive category, SigmaPi logic, datatypes. Lecture notes for part 2, restriction categories.

My previous theory course was CPSC613, Proof theory and program transformation. Here are my notes for it.

Talks and Presentations.


All diagrams in the QPL presentations were created by Dr. Peter Selinger and were used with his kind permission.

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