Course work: CPSC 701.04: Proof theory and Linear Logic

Lecture notes for Restriction Categories

Lecture notes from first class, 2006-11-08, introduction to restriction categories, restriction combinators, stable systems of monics.
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Lecture notes from second class 2006-11-10. Full example of restriction category using trees and forests over a base set.
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Lecture notes from third class 2006-11-15. Definition of partial products and exponentials in a rcat.
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Lecture notes from fourth class 2006-11-17. (Peter) Discussion of topologies for computation. (See paper by Longo). Review of topology, Scott topologies, embedding of topology for partial recursive functions in topology of all partial functions from N -> N.
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Lecture notes from fifth class 2006-11-22. Continue with topology of partial functions, characterizing the effectively open sets and effectively continuous functions.
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Lecture notes from sixth class 2006-11-24. The Map of Restriction Categories. Review Cartesian and Cartesian closed restriction categories, co-products in restriction categories.
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Lecture notes from seventh class 2006-11-27. Properites of restriction categories, distributive categories. Restriction Monics.
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Lecture notes from eighth class 2006-11-29. Join restriction categories. Lax transforms, slack transforms.
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Lecture notes from ninth class 2006-12-01. Logic of partial terms: Signatures, term judgements, equality judgements, cut eliminations.
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Lecture notes from tenth class 2006-12-06. Continue with logic of partial terms. Partial algebraic theory.
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Lecture notes from final class 2006-12-08. Join restriction categories and adhesive categories.
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