Course work: CPSC 701.04: Proof theory and Linear Logic

Lecture notes for Proof Theory

Lecture notes from first class, 2006-09-13, introduction to Sigma-Pi logic, discussion of Curry-Howard-Lambek isomorphism. Examples of proofs in Sigma-Pi.
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Lecture notes from second class 2006-09-15. Cut theorem and rewritings for Sigma-Pi, annotations of proofs.
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Lecture notes from third class 2006-09-20. Discussion, motivation and proof of confluence for rewritings for Sigma-Pi.
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Lecture notes from fourth class 2006-09-22. Proof that Sigma-PI(A) is a category when A is a Category.
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Lecture notes from fifth class 2006-09-27. Discussion of poly categories and views as a process.
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Lecture notes from sixth class 2006-09-29. Continue discussion of poly categories, views as a process and relationship to multiplicative linear logic.
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Lecture notes from seventh class 2006-10-04. Work through "boxing" of a graph and the proof of Girard's switching theorem.
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Lecture notes from eighth class 2006-10-06. Discuss "Empires" and switch conditions.
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Lecture notes from ninth class 2006-10-11. Discuss categorical semantics of cut - multiplicative linear logic. Introduction of Linear Distributive Categories. Chu construction.
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Lecture notes from tenth class 2006-10-13. Discuss negation in LL, *-autonomous categories, dualizing objects.
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Lecture notes from eleventh class 2006-10-25. Discuss additives of LL, extension of the additive term logic (Cockett, Pastro)
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Lecture notes from twelveth class 2006-10-27 (Sean Nichols). Discuss message passing logic.
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Lecture notes from thirteenth class 2006-11-01. Discuss initial algebras, final co-algebras and how datatypes arise from this.
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Final lecture of part 1, fourteenth class 2006-11-03. Continue discussion of datatypes, Bekic lemma, circular definitions.
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